CBSE - Standard Courses (Math & EVS) for Class II

Online study materials accompanied with fascinating videos, animations and illustrations for CBSE II Standard.
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 NCERT Solutions

Meritnation offer students chapter-wise, detailed solutions to the questions in the NCERT textbooks. This helps to create an excellent awareness of the various concepts related to a subject. The NCERT solutions supported with superb videos and animations ensures that all the concepts in the text book are properly clarified to the student. Moreover, the entire process of learning new concepts becomes smoother and interesting. The real-time, collaborative learning platform offered by Meritnation helps students to engage in lively interactions regarding a specific NCERT solution or they can even put forward a complex question related to a subject on the forum for their peers to respond. 
Videos & Animations
Meritnation features splendid, eye-catching videos and animations that help to simplify the most difficult topics in any subject, whether it’s the complex chemical reactions & equations in Chemistry or calculating surface area and volume in Math. Some of the most difficult concepts in Math and Science are simplified through breath-taking videos, animations and graphics, thus retaining those concepts in your memory for a longer period of time. Undoubtedly, learning with the help of videos &animations is a convenient and guaranteed way to faster learning.
Interactive Puzzles
Meritnation’s study material comprises interactive, chapter wise puzzles in high quality animations that are, truly, an advantage for students. These delightful interactive puzzles available in various innovative formats help to properly assess the understanding of vital concepts in an interesting way. So, break the monotony in between your studies with our mind-blowing interactive puzzles!
Formative Assessments
Meritnation’s computer-based adaptive assessment system helps a student to identify his weak areas and his potential strengths. Based on a comprehensive analysis of the performance of a student, the system recommends a customized or tailor-made study plan to help strengthen his/her weak concepts. Study material suggested in the study plan is supported with superb videos and animations to ensure that learning is speedy and permanent. Meritnation’s adaptive Learning Engine ensures that every student gets easy and instant access to the content that is customized to meet his/her individualized learning requirements. Students also get immediate feedback regarding their performance in studies as well as remedial instructions to improve their understanding of core concepts.
Tests & Reports
Students can take effective advantage of the Test Papers on each chapter as well as the Model Papers that are based on the syllabus for each subject. These help students to gain sufficient practice before exams and also help to get rid of those pre-exam jitters! Subsequently, students can also avail the detailed performance reports that will help them identify their key strengths as well as their weak areas. In addition, detailed performance reports also provide them an ideal platform to compare their performance with that of their peers.
Revision Notes
Revision sessions play an integral role in improving your performance in studies. Meritnation offers you valuable notes for use during the revision sessions before exams, which enable students to thoroughly imbibe and comprehend the key concepts related to each topic. Revision notes contain the highlights of important concepts in a chapter along with important diagrams and illustrations. Simple and easy-to-understand, these revision notes help to save a significant amount time and effort that would otherwise have been spent on making notes for every chapter.

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